There is antifreeze coming from my heater

For the last several months, I have had nothing but trouble with my car.

  • It was such a good and reliable car when I bought it, but considering I have over 200,000 miles on it, I guess it is getting a bit old.

Most of her parts are now aftermarket and I am running out of money and time, trying to keep the car running. I can’t afford a mechanic, so I try to do all of the work on my own, and if I can do it, I take a lot of shortcuts to save time and money. Then, this week, I had a problem with my car that I had never seen before. I have had the heating and the air conditioning worked on a couple of times, but this week, I was completely lost. I turned on the heater to get some heat in the car, but the heat caused the windows to fog up. I never heard of a heater fogging up the windows. I had the thermostat on high, but it wasn’t helping. I flipped the switch to defrost, but it just made the matter worse. I went online to find out what was happening, and I was really upset when I found out that it was probably the antifreeze blowing back through the heater. I knew I couldn’t afford to have the HVAC system worked on at the moment, so I decide to just turn off the heater and go without heat. I am now freezing without the heating, but I will soon be needing the air conditioning.

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