The zoo should have HVAC all of the time

I didn’t like the zoo as a kid and I don’t like it now that I need to take my kids to the zoo.

I have my reasons for not liking the zoo.

I think the smell is horrible and I don’t think that with all of the fresh air, the smell should be so bad. I also don’t like being out in the heat and sunshine all of the time. I have ended up with sunburns so bad that I couldn’t wear clothing for almost a week because of all my blisters. I know what would make the zoo more tolerable, and that would be if they could put the zoo in buildings where there was air conditioning for all of the visitors. The animals would all be enclosed and I wouldn’t need to smell any of the foul odors. I could walk through the building and always be able to feel the heating or air conditioning. I can’t understand why the zookeepers think that the animals want to be outside in all of that heat and humidity. I’m sure even the animals would like it if they had air conditioning all of the time. I also feel that not only the visitors, but the animals would like it if there was air purifiers in the buildings. I’m sure even they can smell their own odors, and I can’t imagine they like them. To have the zoo completely enclosed with excellent HVAC for the animals and the visitors, would make more want to come to the zoo and spend some time..


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