Animals have their own HVAC needs

Working at the zoo has been a really great experience for me. I have learned so much about animals and I never would have learned it if I hadn’t got this job. It seems like every animal has their own region and they have different habits. There are many different things for them to eat. Some animals will eat once a day and others may need fed several times a day. There are animals that sleep mainly during the day, and those that sleep at night. The animals also have their own climate needs. If they come from a desert region, the zoo needs to give them a desert like climate to their confines. This means they need to have a good heating system and a dehumidifier to make the air dry. Then there are those that come from the tropical settings. These animals need to have good heating, but they also need to have the humidity and simulated rainfall. You have the animals that come from the arctic. These animals require a lot of cold air, which means great air conditioners and chillers. They also need to have less humidity. There are many animals that are able to tolerate the heat and humidity of summer and the cold, dry air of winter. They also need to have cooler places to rest, or a heated place to sleep. No matter where you go in the zoo, you will find that the heating and air conditioning are used all of the time. The only thing I don’t like about the zoo, is needing to go from cool air conditioned areas, right to the heat and humidity of the Tropics.

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