The space heater leaked its oil

I ended up burning my hand quite badly.

I recently found out that an oil-filled radiant space heater, works by the unit heating the oil that circulates throughout the inside of the heater. I found this out when I tripped over the heater. I have always been a bit of a klutz, and even though I knew the heater was in one place, I would still trip over it. I knocked it over a couple of times, and nothing had happened, other than it turning off. The heater had all of the safety features, and it even had a thermostat. The space heater had a safety switch that would turn the heater off if it were beginning to get too warm. It was made to quit running if it was tipped over. Why this last trip triggered something else with the heater, I don’t know. I tripped over the heater and there was a small crack that opened up. Oil was coming out of the crack and I tried to stop it. I ended up burning my hand quite badly. My husband heard me cry out and he chased me away while he cleaned up the oil that was now pouring out onto my floor. I was upset for tripping over the heater and making the mess and he was upset that I hadn’t cleaned the burn and put my hand in cold water. We had to throw the space heater away, which had us both upset. This was one of the best space heaters out there, and it was on sale when we bought it, at an extremely good price

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