I have the best of space heaters

My furnace decided to go on the fritz, a couple weeks ago. I called the HVAC company and they gave me the worst news possible. They told me that I was going to need a new furnace. I couldn’t afford a new furnace right now, so I went out and bought a space heater to help out a little while. I won’t buy anything until I had checked out the reviews and looked at all of the safety issues. I found a space heater that was going to be perfect for us. If I did what the manufacturer recommended, the new space heater was going to be the best in efficiency and safety. I didn’t want to purchase an oil space heater because there was too much danger of it causing a fire. We had curtains and a lot of knick knacks which could all be fire hazards if they were near the oil space heater. I hated the idea of my home going up in flames. I did find a different oil-filled space heater that had all of the safety issues I wanted. The heater was radiant heat and it would not get hot enough for anyone to be burned. According to the paperwork and all I read, the heat of these space heaters was not just better heating, but it was less dry than normal space heaters. Instead of the space heater being able to overheat, it had a safety shut-off if the possibility of it overheating came up. I especially like the thermostat on the space heater.


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