Cabin was freezing cold

Jonas and I thought staying the Winter month in a remote loft was going to be a good time.

But then Jonas and I thought it could be relaxing, oh what fools the two of us were! As town folk, neither 1 of us had any clue how much task rural life would be.

Jonas and I then rode out to the middle of nowhere to stay at his brother’s loft by the lake. The lake was fully iced over, which looked great but basically meant our loft was sitting on a block of ice, so I know they say heat rises and cold air sinks, but with this much ice the loft was a freezer! There was a wood burning gas furnace in the heart of the main room, and thankfully piles of firewood and flint along the wall. I got a fire blazing while he unpacked, and within a few moments the two of us had a strong heating idea blazing away in the center of the cabin. The only error was that the air was so cold the gas furnace only felt great within a few feet range. The heating would not reach to the other portion of the room, nevertheless our bedroom in the back. The place had electricity, thank god, but the two of us couldn’t find a temperature control which meant there was no Heating, Ventilation, and A/C plan in the place. After a little searching around the two of us found an electric space heating system in the back of 1 of the storage units, and it still worked!


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