The air quality in my food truck

For a long time my goal was to be my own boss.

  • From my first time working as a line cook, I thought I was going to be a real chef.

I really like food, I like everything about it. I like the process of cooking, however what I have a complication with is doing what I am told. I like to follow my own vision, and not have to follow a bunch of rules. As soon as I got the option to be my own boss, and make my own rules, I leaped at it. That is how I ended up owning my own food truck, where I can sell what dishes that I want, when and where I want. I have been having some air quality problems in my truck the last few weeks though. I need to get some money together to have it repaired. It’s not like I keep the a/c running all the time. I truly barely use it at all because it’s useless in the face of the fryer. The fryer and ovens generate so much heating turning on the AC is like chucking an ice cube into a sizzling bath, but my issue is that the air vents, exhaust vents, and range hoods are clogged up and I can get them cleaned enough to generate the ventilation I need. Stuck in the back with all that heat and smoke and grease, ventilation is pressing not only to my health, but the taste of the food as well. I need to call around to some air vent specialists and see if they can task for food and exchange a few meals for a deep washing of all my air vents.

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