No AC at nana’s house

I don’t mean to come across as cruel, really I don’t, despite the fact that I had no thought when I heard my nana had passed.

Nana had always been a loner and the few times I had seen her the two of us had no not really spoken to one another.

She seemed really cool, and I enjoyed her company I suppose, despite the idea that I had not seen her in years so to hear Nana passed didn’t affect myself and others that bad, but you could not have surprised me more when I read her will. My nana’s will stipulated that I would get her old house, because I was her favorite grandchild. At that point I felt super bad about not feeling sorry for her passing. I felt even worse when I remembered my nana never had air conditioner put into her house. There was a gas furnace in the storage room, because the winters here are long and cold. The loft itself pre-dated the start of a/cs, and my nana had always nixed the concept of having 1 put in. She never understood why anyone wanted an air conditioner, thought it was a useless contraption that spoiled people and hindered good hard work. The summers here are brutal, so her lack of AC is the main reason I didn’t come to visit her often. I did like the house itself, it was like a living piece of history, but there was no way I would even stay there overnight without some sort of ac.


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