Natural heating in the wood cabin

I ended up having a really great time out at Don’s old cabin.

I think I found myself, as corny as that sounds.

I was losing touch with civilization. So for a few days I ended up just hanging out in the cabin. Just what the doctor ordered. I am not exactly a hermit, but I’m far from a social person, so the chance to spend a few hours at Don’s mountain apartment was a no-brainer. Once I got up there I noticed it was more remote than I thought. There was no phone reception, no cable, the only power was a gas operated generator, and the only heating system was the fireplace. There was a little wood pile there for myself to use, which was great for the 1st day, despite the fact that I quickly noticed I was in charge of my own heating. If I didn’t go out and chop some wood to keep the fireplace going I would be resting in a chilly house, so keeping the heating going was a top priority, and I spent a couple of hours each day just chopping wood and feeding the fire. I got in a little hunting in too. I ended up being able to cook my deer in that really same fireplace. It was messy, really not the best idea to use my own heating source to cook a deer, but it made the place smell tasty. It turned out there was a space heating system there as well, to use when the generator was on.

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