I love and hate Christmas both at the same time

I am a bit conflicted when it comes to Christmastime.

I love the festivities, the food, and the decorations and I love getting and giving gifts.

I even love how beautiful it can be with the snow falling outside just in time for the holidays, or God forbid, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day itself. However, I’m not too crazy about the cold that comes with it. The snow is pretty when it is falling and covering the trees and the hills, but I have always believed that such a picturesque scene is best enjoyed from the warmth and comfort of your home looking out a window. I tried to be tough about the cold, but it just turns me into an icicle unless I am dressed up in many layers! Throughout the winter season, nevermind just Christmas, it is always a mad dash for me to get from one heated area to the next. I rush from my heated house to my vehicle in the morning, being careful not to slip on the icy sidewalk. I crank up the engine of my car desperately willing the heating system to heat me up faster. I don’t even bother coming out of the driveway until the car is nice and warmed up. Then, when I finally arrive at work, it’s a mad dash to get inside to my heated office building from the parking lot, which can often be quite a walk! I then take solace in the heated office building until it’s time for me to head home. By then, it’s nearly already dark outside in the winter, and I have to brave the cold before my engine heats up the car all over again!


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