We don’t want air leaks

There is nothing good that can come from a property that is not airtight. One reason in particular that a leaky lake home is not good is because of the expensive bills you will have. The Heating & Air Conditioning device is on and running, then that temperature controlled air flows out of the property. Your Heating & Air Conditioning device is killing itself and you are not in total comfort. Another reason a leaky property is terrible is because all the critters can get into your property and cause all sorts of damage. Another reason is that radon can very easily flow into your air quality as well… What is radon? Radon is a gas that comes from the soil and is literally found everywhere. There is consistently a little bit of radon in the outside air quality. That is perfectly alright, but it is not at all okay when the radon gets into your home’s air quality… How can the radon get into your property and poison you? The radon seeps in through cracks in your foundation, then radon can be collecting in your basement. The radon comes in through the pores in your cement floor as well. Also basic entry points are gaps in walls, ceilings and doors. The radon can be just about anywhere too. The basement could have radon or even your attic! Most homeowners don’t even know that they have dangerous levels of radon in their property. The radon is virtually impossible to detect and is harshly harmful. To combat radon levels, get your property sealed officially. Have those cement floors in the basement redone… Get the foundation entirely fixed up. You don’t want to experience leaks in your air ducts with your Heating & Air Conditioning system. An airtight property is a great deal safer and also will significantly lower your bills overtime. There is no excuse not to seal your home tight.

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