We had no time to get a new air conditioner

I absolutely love being a mom. My husband used to jokingly say that he never wanted children because he would never be ready to take that responsibility. Now that we have two kids, he could not be happier. Our two sons are so much fun. Our older son is ten, and our younger son just turned eight. We had a huge birthday party for our youngest last week. It was an absolute blast although it sort of started as a disaster. My husband has been away on business trips for our son’s sixth and seventh birthday parties, so we wanted to make his eighth birthday party huge since dad would be home this time. We had everything ready to go for the party when suddenly our air conditioner started blowing warm air. I was so upset. I asked my husband what could possibly be the matter. He checked it out, and he was not able to figure it out. At that point, guest had already started arriving. We planned on having some of the party indoors, but our plans would soon change. The house was getting warmer and warmer. After just two hours without air conditioning, the house was up to eighty degrees. We had to change all of the games to be outside games, and we even took the food outside to eat. It was much cooler to be outside with a breeze than inside the stuffy, humid house. I felt so bad for my son, but he actually did not mind at all. His favorite game was one that we did not even plan. It was a water balloon fight. Everyone got involved with the water balloon fight even the parents. We were all so hot that it was nice to get wet. We will never forget that birthday party without AC.

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