The AC in my new car is stronger than the one in my house

My trusty old Ford F-150 died on me on the way to work last month. It was raining and I was miles away from any gas station or retail outlet. Thankfully, my car insurance company sent out a tow truck and a separate vehicle to grab me and take me to work. Although I knew the engine needed some TLC, I wasn’t prepared to lose my only mode of transportation so quickly. There was no time to waste if I wanted to drive myself to and from my job every single day and night. To my luck, my credit is strong and I had just enough money saved for a minimal down payment. The hardest part was finding the right vehicle within my budget and price range, but after a week or looking I found a great sedan with amazing gas mileage. I love every aspect of this car, form the color to the amazingly comfortable interior. One of the best parts of this car is how insanely strong the air conditioner is inside. It takes all of about five minutes or so to drop the temperature down past 75 degrees, which is a godsend during summer heat waves. I just wish that my central air conditioner at home had this sort of power, I can’t remember the last time I could drop my house as low as 75 during the hottest times of the year, let alone at other points in the year. Granted, the amount of cubic space needed to be cooled in a sedan is a mere fraction of that in a house like mine. But even so, it might be time for me to consider replacing the old air conditioner; it has reached 12 years in age now.
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