Buying filters in bulk drastically cuts back on the expense

My wife convinced me to buy a membership with a bulk retail store and it was easily one of the best things we have done yet as a couple.

I worried of two things primarily, that we wouldn’t utilize the store enough in the first place; and if we did, I wasn’t convinced there would be enough products that we need weekly that could be bought in bulk at a low enough price to cover the membership and some. All I needed was a single tour of the aisles to realize the goldmine we had just stumbled upon. We found our cereals and our special cashew milk at a fraction of the price than our regular grocery store. From there we just kept going like machines, buying cheap paper towels, soap, canned goods, ice cream, water, raw meat, and so much more. We have tried buying as much of our needed products in bulk if we can find them there. This has more than cut our grocery expenses in half. But, one particular item that caught my eye recently were bulk air conditioner filters. They come sealed in plastic with 15 filters for an absurdly low price. We already pay at least $10 per filter right now buying them in singles, and we typically change then every six to seven weeks. To our luck, we found with varieties of HVAC filters that we love the most, the allergy defense activated charcoal filter, and the dense microparticle filter for extreme filtration. Buying these two filters in bulk has cut that expense back by at least 40% if not more. It’s a true relief knowing that we are saving so much of our income simply from buying our groceries in bulk.


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