I'm allergic to several AC cleaning sprays

It’s not easy having severe asthma and allergies.

Especially when you’re a kid and want nothing more than to run around with your friends and keep up, but your weaker lungs make accomplishing that difficult.

I hated the leaf mold each autumn when I was sure to develop bronchitis again like I did every late fall heading into early winter. I was also sensitive to varying kinds of soap and shampoo, having to resort to getting fragrance free after years of trying one variety or another. But, this can be extremely limiting and frustrating in the larger environment, with things like car exhaust fumes and second hand smoke affecting someone like myself much more than someone with normal lungs. I can’t even use bleach to clean with in my house regardless of how much I dilute it or what I try to mix it with. I now only clean with water and baking soda, which does a wonder on dirty dishes in particular. Still, there are things you can’t clean with baking soda. I don’t think I’d ever try it on my guitars and I know I surely can’t use it to clean the inside of my air handler. The evaporator coil specifically can only be cleaned with special chemicals developed to destroy bacteria and fungus while preserving the metal in the coil. Cleaners like bleach actually rust and corrode evaporators coils over long periods of time, making them completely useless in their original intent. My HVAC technician uses a special spray cleaner for air conditioners and dehumidifiers, but it gave me an asthma attack the last time he cleaned my air handler with it. We are looking for cleaners with more natural ingredients that are simultaneously safe for air conditioner evaporator coils. I’m convinced there are options out there even if they seem few and far between.

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