There is a cat in my ductwork

I don’t know how it happened, but I kept hearing the sound of a kitten in my ductwork.

I hadn’t used the old ductwork since I had put in a ductless HVAC system.

We just hadn’t had time to have the old ductwork removed. Since it wasn’t in the way, we thought it had been closed off, so we just left it there for a while. That while had now turned into almost five years. I called the HVAC company and asked them about the ductwork having been closed off, and they said that it said the work was done, but there wasn’t any name on the work order to say it had been finished. I told him that I thought there was a cat in the ductwork. He told me that he would send someone out to look at it, and I told him I would like to have it done soon. That afternoon, we had a HVAC ductwork specialist looking into the old ductwork. He found that not only had a cat got into the ductwork, but she had kittens in there with her. He went over the entire ductwork system until he found what he was looking there. There was a rusty hole and somehow a cat had gotten into the house and had chosen that area to have its kittens. My daughter was thrilled to hear we had kittens. She told us she was hiding the cat in the basement and she hadn’t found a way to tell us that her friend gave it to her. We have since removed all of the old ductwork, and the cat has been fixed.


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