We found the problem with our AC unit

After three days of having air conditioning parts all over my living room, my husband finally announced that he had found the problem.

He asked me if I had a capacitor in my pocket because this one was no good.

I didn’t even know what a capacitor did and when I asked him, all I got was a long explanation. I think the capacitor helps to tell the AC unit when to shift into different modes. He told me I didn’t understand what he was saying about the capacitor and I agreed. He went downstairs to research if he could even purchase a new capacitor for the AC unit, and if he could, he had to know where it was. Two hours later, he was still at the computer, looking for a new capacitor for the AC unit. He knew that was the problem with the AC unit, and he said that he would either get the AC unit fixed or we would be going out to purchase a new AC unit the next day. He headed back down to his computer and started his research again. He told me that it would be cheaper to just purchase a new AC unit than to try to fix this one. I didn’t know if he was upset about this or not, but I did know that the old AC was beginning to cost us a lot to run. He told me he was going to research an AC unit that would be more energy efficient. I hope this isn’t another week long project for him.



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