Renter actually had a real problem with bees in the ductwork

I own a rental property and I hate it.

I am constantly getting calls about stupid things from my renters.

I set up a policy that if I have to call for service on something in their apartment, the rent is going up. If they want a HVAC contractor in the apartment to service the AC, the appointment cost is coming from them. I don’t have AC repairs in my budget for their apartment. My one renter Kathy is a boy cried wolf situation. She calls me every week with something. Usually it is the AC blowing out warm air, but it can be plumbing, electric or even noise from other apartments. I don’t even bothering calling professionals for her because I know it is nothing. Well the most recent call actually was a really big deal. I ignored her calls and many voicemails for a long time. I finally had another renter call me and tell me that Kathy’s apartment had a swarm of bees that nested in her ductwork. I figured when she told me there were bees, there was one. I went over to the rental property and saw the other renter was right, tons of bees nested in the air ducts. Thank goodness I got over there right away. The bees can actually wreck HVAC ducts. If they die and sit in the metal ducts, the moisture from their bodies will wreck the metal. I had to get an exterminator to kill the bees and a HVAC contractor to do duct cleaning immediately afterwards. I would have done it earlier if my renter never called me for things.

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