Renter really had a real concern with yellow jacket in the HVAC duct

I own a rental property in addition to I hate it, however i am always getting calls about stupid things from our renters.

I set up a policy that if I have to call for repair on something in their apartment, the rent is going up.

If they want a Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C supplier in the beach house to repair the AC, the appointment cost is coming from them. I don’t have A/C repairs in our budget for their apartment. My 1 renter Kathy is a boy cried wolf situation, and she calls myself and others every week with something, usually it is the A/C blowing out hot air, but it can be plumbing, electric or even noise from other apartments. I don’t even bothering calling professionals for her because I know it is nothing. Well the most recent call really was a actually immense deal. I ignored her calls in addition to multiple voictexts for a long time. I finally had another renter call myself and others in addition to tell myself and others that Kathy’s beach house had a swarm of bees that nested in her HVAC duct. I figured when she told myself and others there were bees, there was 1. I went over to the rental property in addition to saw the other renter was right, tons of bees nested in the air ducts! Thank goodness I got over there right away. The bees can really wreck Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C ducts. If they die in addition to rest in the metal ducts, the moisture from their bodies will wreck the metal. I had to get an exterminator to kill the bees in addition to a Heating, Ventilation in addition to A/C supplier to do duct cleaning immediately afterwards. I would have done it earlier if our renter never called myself and others for things.

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