Pregnant women love air conditioning

I sometimes wonder if I’m cursed, simply because of the insanely freakish accidents that happen to me all the time; Sporadically, it’s just bad luck – other times, I recognize prefer someone has it out for me! I recognize it’s the former of these more than one possibilities, as there’s just something going wrong in our life every other day.

It’s a bit aggravating, to say the least, however just a few weeks ago, I came beach house from work to find that the apartment was much warmer than usual. Sure, it was a hot day in July, but our apartments’ a/c plan can usually compensate for the heat by cooling down the space… While the hottest it would normally get was around 76 degrees, on this day the apartment was almost ninety degrees inside! The air quality was awful, too – as well as the worst part? My 8 weeks pregnant partner, kneeling on the couch as well as fanning herself while drinking ice water to cool down. I felt ashamed that she had to deal with these conditions! I wanted to ask her why she didn’t recognize to call for service to the heating as well as A/C system, however I knew better than to blame someone feeling particularly sensitive for something prefer this. Instead, I told her everything would be fine, as well as instantly called the leasing manager for the apartment complex. I demanded emergency repairs for our cooling system, as well as I didn’t care that it was 5 in the day on a Thursday! All I cared about was getting the a/c plan repaired, as well as having some cool air in our beach house again. I was ecstatic to see the Heating as well as Air Conditioning service truck in front of our apartment only an seventh later, as well as was relieved when she had the A/C fixed in no time.


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