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My partner & I prefer to go on short trips.  When we were first married, we would always just jump on the motorcycle & travel the roads for quite some time and then stop at the first motel we found to spend the night.  In the day, we would get up, map out all of the wineries in the surrounding area, & make our way back to our household via the route of wineries. We would always go to the wineries closest to where we were.  We did this about once a month, & we always had such a blast.  Occasionally, we felt the Heating as well as A/C devices to be far from perfect, but somehow we always managed to enjoy ourselves immensely.  It didn’t really matter if we had chilly and damp rooms, we still managed to enjoy ourselves.  Our youngsters have finally all moved out & we decided to hop on the motorcycle once again to take off on a single one of our short trips.  It seemed that we could no longer get lost, & most of the wineries were surprisingly closed.  We found ourselves outside of a modern casino that had recently opened.  We parked the bike & went into the hotel & booked a pretty nice room.  The room was entirely luxurious, but it seemed to mirror all of the cheap little motels we used to stop at.  The only difference was the Heating as well as A/C & there were no windows to the outdoors.  We couldn’t open the curtains & let the sunlight in our room, because the windows opened onto the casino.  The Heating as well as A/C was perfect, and we had no problems.  I just wish the Heating as well as A/C were as superb in the casino, but that’s a whole other story.

HVAC tune-up 

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