I want to make sure of one thing – that our Heating and A/C system isn’t doing down!

I’ve been told hundreds of times that I tend to be too cautious! I wouldn’t call it being overly careful as much as I would call it being “defensive”! Rather than be caught off-guard by inconveniences both minor and major, I’d rather make sure everything is laboring just as it should, but that’s why I take our car in for a tune-up every 3 months, which includes an oil change, tire rotation, fluid refill and more.

The same goes for our home’s heating, ventilation and cooling system, which also gets a checkup every 3 months! When our Heating and A/C system gets the seasonal check-up from our familiar heating and cooling system repair company, a professional comes to inspect every square inch of the system. The temperature control is checked out to ensure accuracy, and will also get a new set of batteries in case the old ones are almost depleted. The outdoor cooling system unit will get recharged with fresh coolant if needed, and internal pieces are lubricated or upgraded if there is significant wear! Best of all, the ductwork is swept out using a special vacuum, so I don’t have to worry about our air quality being anything less than pristine; Even in the Spring, when pollen is flying through the air at much higher concentrations, I don’t have to worry about our air quality suffering. I can’t stress enough how valuable this maintenance proposal is with our Heating and A/C repair company – they’ve absolutely helped me avoid half a dozen major repairs thanks to this!
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