The children I babysit love to mess with my thermostat

Children are certainly a blessing, but they can be a handful and a half at times. I have three children of my own, and I babysit two others everyday. It is quite difficult to control all of the kids at the same time. The two children that I babysit are quite high strung, and I find them doing things that they should not being doing all of the time. Something that they have been doing for quite some time now is messing with my thermostat. I have tolerated a lot with them, but this is something that I had a talk with their mother about. Unfortunately, the boys have not seemed to learn their lesson yet because I have to constantly check the thermostat to make sure that they have not changed it. I found out the hard way the first time that they were messing with my thermostat. I woke up one morning to a very hot house. It was over eighty degrees in the middle of July. The boys had turned the heat on. I caught them touching the thermostat the next day and had a long talk with them about it. I have caught them about five separate times since then messing with my thermostat. I try to make sure that I check the thermostat every evening, but sometimes, I forget to check. Yesterday was one of those days, and I woke up this morning to a warm house once again. I will be talking with their mom again this afternoon. If the boys keep this up, I will have to refuse to keep watching them.

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