I can’t risk being silent about the broken HVAC equipment anymore!

When I was finishing up my degree in early childhood education, I was eager to take a job with any school that was willing to give me a chance.

I wound up working for this small school just outside of town, which was nice enough. My colleagues were polite and friendly, and the students had a real passion for learning! The only problem was the administration – the people that managed the school facilities either had no idea what they were doing, or simply didn’t care! At first, I was timid and didn’t want to say anything that could jeopardize my job. However, as time wore on, and I saw how the poor air quality and lack of proper air conditioning affected the kids, I knew something had to change. So, after about two months, I decided to contact the school administrator regarding the terrible heating and air conditioning equipment in the facility. The ductwork definitely had to be cleaned out, and the A/C systems were in dire need of a tune-up! To my surprise, the school administrator had no idea that this was happening at the school. They told me that an HVAC repair technician would be sent out to the school immediately, and they would perform a rigorous inspection of the entire system. I was thoroughly pleased! I couldn’t wait to see the service truck show up outside the facility, and I knew the kids would be thrilled to have improved air quality in their classrooms.



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