The best in her field

If you were to ask a random person on the street who their idol was, most of them would most likely say some world famous athlete or celebrity.

Much different from the majority of those people, my idol is my daughter.

There is a very long list of reasons as to why my daughter brings me so much pride and is someone I love and admire, but the main reason is her passion for life and work. Ever since my daughter was crawling around in diapers she loved to take things apart and fix things up. As she got older and reached adulthood I wasn’t sure what type of profession she was going to find or that she would even have an interest in. Without my wife and I’s help, my daughter enrolled herself in an HVAC repair course after high school. After spending many months training under certified HVAC repairman, she became certified and is now making a very large amount of money working for one of the most well renowned companies in the state. Back when I was in my younger days I could barely get myself out of bed in the morning, much less have the focus to become a certified HVAC repair tech and undergo intense training each day. I know that most people think that the children should always look up to the parents for motivation and I think this is true in most cases. However when it comes to my daughter, I know that I can learn more than a thing or two from her and get plenty of motivation.


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