The wrong guy for the job

My partner and I have been finding out the hard way that it is not very easy to find people who you can rely on when a large amount of money is involved at times.

  • We have gotten better at knowing who to trust as we have gotten older but in the beginning we had many problems arise.

When we first moved into our house after we got married a large list of problems began to start happening with our air conditioning unit. We put it off for a while hoping it would fix itself, but after awhile we reached out to an HVAC company and scheduled a maintenance repair. My partner and I live in a pretty remote part of the country where there is only a few people living near us in a ten mile radius, so the selection of HVAC companies was extremely small. The company that we ended up hiring had pretty bad reviews and a low star rating but we didn’t feel like we had much of a choice in the matter. The HVAC company ended up living up to their two star average when it came to fixing out a/c system. They ended up damaging the air ducts in the process, and even tried to trick us into paying them more! My partner and I were feeling traumatized after this happened for the next few months, but as the years went by we began to feel thankful this happened to us at a young age so we can make sure we don’t work with any low quality company for the rest of our days.

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