Summer in a foreign country

Ever since I was a kid all I wanted to do was travel and see the world.

I would watch movies every single day just to see different places all around that I haven’t been to before.

Even though I was passionate for travel, I wasn’t able to do any exploring on my own until I entered into a study abroad program during my freshman year of college. This totally new experience helped me open my eyes and see the world through a different lens. The thing I noticed the most was how different all of the little things were. For example, my apartment didn’t have any air conditioning! Back at my home growing up we always had an a/c unit running on how power because we lived in the south. Even though it was just as warm where I was studying they didn’t have any a/c installed. There were a few different reasons why a/c systems weren’t as popular in this foreign country, but the main reason that I was told most often was that they just aren’t necessary. Sure they feel pretty great, but the locals here would rather be a little warm and sweaty during summer days than pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for monthly upkeep and repairs on a standard air conditioning system. I must say that I think their logic is fair and is hard to argue against, but I was glad to only study their for a few months because I can’t live anywhere that doesn’t have a/c available to the masses!


Air conditioning install

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