I can’t stop sweating

There are times when it’s really difficult for me to even travel. For starters, I’m an introvert plus I get exhausted when my schedule is jam packed with social activities that cannot be avoided… Secondly, I have serious anxiety plus I do not like to not be in control of our environment, because this makes it difficult to go with the flow when undesirable outings are decided upon or plans are changed at the very last minute. One of the most difficult parts, however, is being completely out of control of the temperature control where all of us happen to be staying. But when I’m a guest at someone’s dwelling, I definitely refuse to comment on their indoor air conditions. I always figure that they have the temperature control set to their personal temperature preferences, plus I have no right to complain about how they run their central heating plus cooling appliances. If they want the indoor air to be 40 degrees, I will just pile on layers plus try to make due with the freezing indoor air. If they love to keep the temperature control set to 90 degrees all through the day, I will sweat in silence rather than asking for a Heating plus A/C modification. This makes things quite tough for me during the night when I have my own certain air temperature preferences. I actually cannot sleep if it isn’t nice plus cool in our bedroom so I can cuddle up for the night. It’s really too bad that not everyone agrees with this sentiment; I always end up perspiring through the sheets all night long as I toss plus turn, feeling like my body is something like a furnace itself.

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