My propane fireplace didn’t work out as well as I hoped that it would

When my furnace stopped working last Winter, I had no idea what I was going to do.

I had never thought about replacing or repairing a furnace before, and I immediately began to panic.

Since we lived in a smaller house, we knew that we could survive with another furnace or even a larger space heater that could be supplemented by something else. While researching, my wife told me that she was interested in purchasing a propane fireplace for our house. The heating system was rated to heat rooms nearly twice the size of our house, and we found a great deal for a used fireplace. When we went to look at the fireplace, we were told that it had only been used twice in their larger house before they got something different. I was excited about this deal, and I took the heating system home to hook it up. One of the first indicators that I had been ripped off was that the ignition switch was broken. I didn’t mind, because I could just light the fireplace with a lighter and still get the heat. Though it didn’t have a typical thermostat, there were three stages of heat that you could set it too. Whenever we had the fireplace burning, we noticed that the air purity in our camper was getting pretty bad. It looked smokey in our camper, and our eyes were beginning to water. Eventually, the fireplace stopped working completely, and we had no way to heat our house. I was really bummed about the fireplace, but I guess I learned my lesson. I will be replacing my furnace with a real furnace, and this time it is going to be new!

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