The difficulty of internet research when it comes to purchasing a space heater

I hate purchasing things in person, especially when there are salesmen all around you trying to influence your purchase decisions to get more money out of you.

Recently, I was in the market for a space heater, but I didn’t want to purchase one at the general store.

Usually, they only carry the cheapest space heaters. However, I definitely didn’t want to go to an HVAC store to purchase a space heater, because their salesmen earn a commission based on how much money I spend on a space heater. Therefore, the only option that I had for purchasing a space heater was to do my research and purchasing online, outside of any influence. However, I have learned that it is difficult to make decisions based solely on reviews. There are so many factors involved in those reviews. How do you know that the person reviewing the space heater isn’t being paid by the HVAC company that makes it? Also, when looking at product reviews from customers, how do you know which customers to trust. Even on four-star space heaters, you will find multiple negative reviews that make you hesitate to want to purchase anything! Even if there are a ton of positive reviews, how do you know that you won’t be unlucky like they were? I wish they would let you try a space heater at your house before you purchased it. Finally, after wading through all of these questions, I picked a space heater that had free returns, and I decided to try it. The space heater seems to be working well, so I did all of that worrying for nothing.

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