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Though my fiance is a small lady, she entirely prefers a/c.

She was born plus raised in the far North, where the highest temperature didn’t get above 60 degrees in the Summer, plus most of the year was absolutely chilly. When the people I was with and I got married, I told her that the people I was with and I would be moving a little farther south than she was used to, but it would still be chilly in the Winter, however during the Summer, I promised that the people I was with and I would use the air conditioning system to her level of comfort, plus I told her that I would learn to cope with whatever temperatures that she liked. I regret making that promise! It seems care about she never turns off that air conditioning system. Though I have a powerful plus efficient central air conditioning system for our house, she claims that the coldest temperature on the thermostat is still a bit warm for her. That is ridiculous for myself and others because I am shivering while I was in the Summer. I spend most of my time in the garage, where I only have a window air conditioning system that I barely turn on. I would rather be warm than sit in that freezer that once was my house. During the Winter, she uses the oil furnace, but she sets it at 60 degrees, which she considers to be pretty warm. Thankfully, it is warm enough with the oil furnace to prevent the pipes from cold, plus 60 degrees is particularly better than the temperatures outside, although I wish I didn’t have to bundle up all the time in my own home; Besides, you should see the electric bill in the Summer after running the air conditioning system the way that the people I was with and I do!

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