The produce section of the grocery store must always be set to the perfect temperature–never too hot or too cold. In order to keep everything fresh, the produce section must be kept at sixty-nine degrees Fahrenheit at all times. The humidity level must also be kept below a dew point of forty nine. The air conditioning in produce sections must therefore be very precise. The HVAC units in produce sections are set to be sensitive to any changes in temperature or humidity and will reset automatically if there are any variations in the interior environment. Some common triggers for HVAC reset include rain, high outdoor temperature or humidity levels, crowding in the store, high store traffic, and even movement of workers in the produce section. There are many reasons why the air must be precisely conditioned in produce sections. Of course, fresh produce is perishable and one way to maintain produce freshness is to ensure that the produce section is kept at optimum temperature and humidity levels. Freshness also ensures a longer shelf life and improves sales numbers since freshness is one of the primary criteria shoppers look for when buying produce. Produce that isn’t sold at optimum freshness levels has to be thrown away or composted. Sanitation is another reason temperatures need to be precisely controlled in produce sections. Higher temperatures promote the growth of bacteria and mold, both of which can cause severe illness in both workers and consumers. Finally, many produce managers are keen to ensure optimum working conditions for workers. Businesses requiring high levels of physical activity on the part of workers must be well-air conditioned so that workers do not get overheated while stocking or unloading goods. HVAC technicians must therefore regularly service the air-conditioning units of grocery stores, and they must pay special attention to the temperature controls in produce sections.

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