After finishing school, I moved up North. I got a job managing an animal shelter during the week and making baked goods during the weekend. I was always busy and, after September until about May, I was always cold. After a couple of years of sticking it out, I decided to invest in a highly sophisticated HVAC system for both my home and my car. It was the best decision I ever made. I began by doing some research on HVAC systems, heating and cooling, HVAC technicians and HVAC companies. I explored the heating and cooling systems available at all of the local hardware stores. I asked friends, neighbors and customers what kind of heating and cooling systems they use, if they rely on an HVAC technician and, most importantly, how much they pay to keep things up and running smoothly. After doing my research, I decided that if I really wanted to have the best temperature control, I needed to go with the professionals and not try to locate and install a system myself. So I found a local heating and cooling company and asked if they had the make, model and year HVAC system I was looking for. I also inquired about their HVAC technicians and requested that their most experienced technician install my system. Since I was making such a significant investment, I wanted things done right. About a day after my visit with the HVAC company, George showed up at my house with the HVAC system I had purchased and had it installed in less than an hour. I’d see George every six months or so when he would come by to service my system. A typical service job would take no more than thirty minutes. About my car: I decided to buy a new one with remote temperature control and heated seats!

Winter is just the worst
Heating and cooling service

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