Winter is my least favorite season. It’s cold, it’s dark and it’s messy. Beginning in December, my furnace never shuts down. It runs all day and all night and my utility bill goes through the roof. The air in my house gets dank and heavy. Worst of all, my skin dries out and my lips get chapped. Last year, however, I decided it was time to get a new HVAC system since the old system wasn’t only inefficient, loud and old, but was also starting to make me sick. I called a friend who used to work as an HVAC technician for advice. Since my house is small, he recommended a small, but high quality heating and cooling system for the bedroom. He did not think it was necessary to install a central heating and cooling system given the size and location of my house– and the fact that I was on a fairly tight budget. He showed me a variety of heating and cooling systems. Some had remote controls while others were very old fashioned and had to be turned on and off manually. Some of the higher-tech systems turned on and off automatically in response to even slight shifts in the temperature or humidity. The most impressive HVAC system connected right to an app on a user’s cell phone that “spoke” directly to the HVAC in response to weather forecasts and other information inputs. It was called “the Premier Twenty-First Century HVAC System–The Last HVAC System You’ll Ever Need!” I was very impressed with it, though it was far more than I was looking for. In the end, I bought a small, but high quality HVAC system for my back bedroom and threw my old system out. I feel much better!

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