After years of working for someone else in the HVAC business, my friend Joe decided he would go into the business himself. He had learned all of the ins and outs of heating and cooling installation, service, repair and even refurbishment. He also understood the financial aspects of running a business since he’d had to effectively manage and run his boss’s business when the owner would leave town for family and other obligations. Finally, Joe had also developed a reputation in town for being an excellent HVAC technician and had something of a “following” among the businesses whose HVAC systems he serviced on a regular basis. So, with all of his technical, business and cultural experience working in the HVAC industry, Joe decided to start an HVAC business of his own. They say that everyone’s dream is to be their own boss. This was certainly true for Joe who, though he worked well with his boss, began to feel the urge to spread his wings and take the business in different directions after twenty years of service. But independence wasn’t the only thing Joe was looking for. Joe’s primary motivation was family. Joe has two children, Molly and Joe Jr., and, like many parents, Joe wanted to leave something for them. Building a successful HVAC business and teaching Molly and little Joe all about it–just as Joe’s boss and mentor had taught him–seemed like the best thing Joe could do for his kids. So, about three years ago, Joe opened his own HVAC service and repair business and he’s never looked back.

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Mini split air conditioner

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