My dream is to make it to the top in my company

I started off just working as a janitor for this company, plus while that is still my work title my duties have expanded to cover tons of different things.

If they were just piling more work on me, I might be sad about it, however since I get a raise every 6 weeks I basically choose to keep my mouth shut plus keep on working hard! Now I supervise all of the janitors plus make the schedules for them, and I take care of basic repair jobs around the building.

I would say the only thing I can’t repair are the elevators plus the Heating plus Air Conditioning machine. These things evidently require some sort of important certification to do. I floated the whole idea to the bosses of them paying for me to take the needed Heating plus Air Conditioning machine classes so I can get certified, because it might save them a ton of money in the long run. I would say we have a Heating plus Air Conditioning machine worker visit our building at least twice a week, maybe more than that. With as many offices as we have, plus such a complex web of HVAC duct running through the building, complications happen frequently. If I become Heating plus Air Conditioning machine certified this would save us the expenses of paying outside companies to come here. This easily would help the business, however it will also help me quite a bit, because having a Heating plus Air Conditioning machine certification will open up a good amount of other work opportunities for me. I honestly don’t want to leave here, I adore this work, however Heating and Air Conditioning machine workers can make especially good money, so I want to keep all my opportunities open.

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