I like checking up on my mom from wherever I am

My mother is 77 years of age and she lives alone.

She is still mentally sharp.

Plus she’s quite physically fit. She enjoys gardening, riding her motorcycle, and doing home improvements. I’m constantly a bit worried she’s going to fall off of a ladder or something or even tumble down the stairs, though. And I worry about the thoughts of someone breaking in on her. And though I do speak with her on the cellphone everyday and I only live a few minutes away. I wanted to keep a closer eye on her and so after some research, I came up with an idea of a home security system. The system that I chose for my mom includes surveillance cameras, sensors in case of glass breakage, automated door locks, and exterior lighting. The entire system is wireless with Wi-Fi connectivity, and it allows access from everywhere. So no matter where I happen to be, I can check up on our mom through my smartphone app. And then if someone opens a window or goes through a locked door, I get notified of it. The system sounds an alarm and it contacts the authorities. There’s also a panic button that Mom can push on the control panel or activate from her cell phone or her keychain. If anyone enters the property, the exterior lights come on and the surveillance cameras supply real-time video footage so my mom and I can both see anyone who is on the porch. And Mom no longer needs to deal with keys since she has a numeric code for entry to the house. She can even give temporary codes for delivery men to lock or unlock the doors to the house. The home security system gives my mom and I both great peace of mind.
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