Introducing a fitness plan into the workplace

My job is extremely sedentary and requires very long hours. I often sit at a desk, typing on a computer for twelve hours per day. This routine was causing problems with my health. When I finally arrived home from work, I felt stiff, sore and exhausted. I tended to collapse on the couch with a glass of wine and whatever I could scrounge up to eat. Because of muscle aches and cramps, I found it difficult to sleep at night. Since taking the job two years before, I’d gained ten pounds. I was unhappy with my appearance and my confidence suffered. When I realized that many of my coworkers felt the same way, I started looking for ways to introduce a fitness program into the workplace. I discussed options with the officer manager, and he was totally receptive to the idea. We ended up bringing in a personal trainer. The personal trainer comes directly to the office and sets up in the conference room. Classes are offered five days per week and last for an hour. Although these sessions are not mandatory, every single person in the office participates at least a couple of times a week. The personal trainer has focused heavily on the need for us to get up from our desks every hour to walk around or stretch out muscles. He has taught simple yet effective stretches we can do without disrupting our coworkers. He’s stressed the need for both strength training and cardio workouts. He worked with each of us to develop a personalized meal plan that minimizes calories while providing more vitamins and minerals. Since starting the training sessions, our office has become far more productive. Everyone feels better, looks better, and we’re taking less sick time.


Personal Physical Training

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