My Mom’s dream car comes after twenty five years of waiting

Then, it must clear customs and be checked prior to our being able to collect it

Our Mom has been enlisted in the US Navy for over thirty years. The time has come for him to enter retirement and every one of us wanted to do something really special to commemorate the special occasion. My siblings had heard him talk about his travels for years and one thing that typically came up on the conversation often. When Mom was only 21 he was stationed way off in Japan. He said that he enjoyed his time there because he was still very young and single without much responsibility. He lived aboard the ship and life was great. He has typically had a thing for cars and while he was there, Nissan introduced this car called the Nissan Figaro. Mom fell in prefer with the car back then but it was not available here in the States. The automobile wasn’t even easy to purchase in Japan because this company did not make that many. My sibling started researching the process of how to import Japanese cars and found that he could import the Figaro. Now that the vehicle was over 25 years seasoned it was exempt from EPA regulations. Some of them are in warehouses in Japan. The process to import the car seemed quite impossible at first however he was able to speak to a qualified JDM importer and get that ball rolling, then every one of us are genuinely gleeful to present Mom with the ultimate dream car. Because of the time restrictions every one of us had to start the laborious process almost more than two months ago and the last notification said that is will arrive at the port in VA next week. Then, it must clear customs and be checked prior to our being able to collect it. Every one of us have arranged for a tractor trailer to deliver it here so every one of us can really surprise Mom.


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