I have an HVAC website that no one can find

About 1 year ago I decided that I wanted to begin my own business.

I decided I really wanted to provide preventative maintenance for HVAC systems for those folks who were too tired to do this themselves.

I am not talking about legitimately repairing damages, I just wanted to offer services like changing the filters, vacuum out the air vents, winterize the exterior unit, and things like that. These are all jobs that the average homeowner does however some people are too tied up to bother. I figured that they could spend some money myself and others a flat rate price & avoid having to spend money at the hourly rate of an actual HVAC serviceman. Things have gone pretty well so far, however now, my cousin wants in on the job. I told him that I would need to expand the business before I could hire someone else. She suggested that I should advertise online. Well, a web page costs a lot of money & I didn’t want to invest in that. My cousin said that she had study about free ways to develop your own page so I told him she could do that. I told him that any of the up-to-date customers she signed up could be hers so she was excited to get going. This was more than 6 months ago, & although the place exists, it has not honestly attracted much up-to-date business. I believe that when people ask if both of us have a web page I provide them the address & then never hear from them. The place only ever shows up if you are absolutely unique about how you enter it in. If you just search for the name of the supplier you will get a long list of other HVAC maintenance companies in the section instead of mine. I believe this whole “free website” thing is a big mistake & both of us should have instead paid someone to do it

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