Using HVAC Ads online made us a success

When you are the newest kid on your block you honestly need to go out of your way to prove to everyone that you have what it takes to succeed.

I am not talking about being a little kid, although I am talking about being the newest HVAC business in the town.

All of us knew that there was stiff competition from other existing companies & that both of us needed to have something special to offer to our customers. Our competitors had established customer bases that they had worked with for years, however, they did not have service techs that specialize in the latest technology. Our supplier worked with the most state of the art systems in both repairs & installations. All of us had to get the attention of our community so both of us paid to use Google ads so that both of us would be seen first whenever someone made any inquiries about a up-to-date or replaced HVAC system. Our add included tagged words like iPadized systems, voice recommend temperature controls, & fully programmable systems. All of us wanted to let people hear that these possibilities were available & that our supplier was ready to meet all their needs, however life is becoming more automated wherever you look & so the HVAC field it is no different. Those older, less efficient systems are being updated by high tech systems that practically manage themselves, then paying for the Google ads was legitimately the single best decision that both of us could have made, however all of us are still getting SMSs & calls from up-to-date customers & they are so eager to learn more about the technology both of us have to offer them. Without the online presence our success would not be what it is!.



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