Old timey approaches weren’t the answer

My Granddad used to say to me all the time, “if it isn’t broken, don’t try to repair it” well this method may work in numerous cases however when it comes to expanding a business, it simply doesn’t.

People & business owners always need to stay fresh & relevant in order to keep or attract up-to-date customers. There is consistently some other supplier out there trying to steal the clients away with some offer of better products or service. So when it came to expanding our own HVAC maintenance supplier, the old timey way of letting our customers believe was not going to work. Sending out our mailers is no longer & effective way to spread the news as everyone just believe it is more junk mail & it goes right into the recycling bin. Phone calls don’t work well because numerous people wont even answer the call if they don’t recognize the number. All of us knew that the best way to inform our newest customers was to SMS them. Most of the have an SMS on file & it was the very best way to get the word out. The next step was to develop online ad campaigns that would be eye catching & seen where everyone was looking. All of us decided that a social media campaign would reach everyone possible so both of us hired an online SEO supplier to develop the ads & a list of people to contact. Grandpa still doesn’t understand why both of us needed to do everything on the tablet or iPad, however most of the world does business this way now & both of us want to keep up with the decreasing times.


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