My smart building lives on the cloud

So I just moved into a new spot, after too many years in the old one, and it is actually blowing my mind.

I don’t know if my old apartment building was a junker, or if this one is the nicest one ever built, but to say there is a world of difference doesn’t quite cover it.

The old place had an old man for a nighttime security guard, and all he did was play solitaire on the front desk unless there was an emergency. There is no security guard here, because of all the cameras and card-swipers on the doors, and the whole building control system is watched by a team somewhere upstairs. Or maybe the security team is in another building altogether, building management is so crazy these days it is hard to tell. They call this a smart building, and I can’t find anything at all wrong with that description. This is how smart it is, where the hvac system integration is so deep that I don’t even use a thermostat. I can use voice controls, or manage the temperature control system remotely with my phone, whichever is most convenient. What is even more awesome is that the place runs entirely on cloud based building systems, which means except for in the event of grid-wide power outage we will stay online. Being cloud based is so essential these days, because even if we do lose power as soon as it comes back up everything goes right back to normal. A smart building doesn’t have extensive rebooting procedures, it’s all on the cloud.


commercial building control system

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