The janitorial business

As a first responder I have seen just about everything.

We respond to fires, medical emergencies, as well as traffic accidents on a daily basis.

Most of them are pretty routine however occasionally we come across 1 that takes a bit more job as well as special equipment. The thruway in our area is a particular ly exhausting location to be during rush minute traffic as well as numerous accidents occur during that time. Last year we needed to call in a special clean up crew when a tractor trailer full of hazardous cleaning chemicals overturned in the middle of the road. It requires special handling to neutralize the chemicals so the air as well as ground would be safe. They even had to treat the satisfiers that were let in the truck as they could leak along the way when it was being towed. I would not want the job that these people have. Yes, they are trained, as well as they have the proper equipment, however it is still certainly dangerous work. Commercial cleaners, hazmat workers, as well as first responders are all exposed to things that everyone are not. Whenever someone complains about how much those people are paid to do the job they do I remind them that they are making things safe for people, creatures as well as the environment. I suppose that these clean up companies should be paid more because they are risking their own safety for others just appreciate a fireman or ambulance man. You can bet that if these type of companies were not around the world would be far worse off. Not to mention the fact that people would be getting ill from all of the chemical spills that happen.

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