Not a good heater repair

It was winter, 2018.

We had just purchased an old motorhome for some traveling when the South experienced an unusually-chilly cold front.

“No problem,” I thought as I remembered the on-board furnace. However, as I soon found out, my furnace needed some serious repairs. It was a gas unit with a pilot light that is ignited manually from outside the RV. I went out to start the furnace, but it wouldn’t light. I tried again—no luck. I checked the propane tank, the ductwork, and the furnace itself. After some heavy dusting and brushing, everything seemed to be in order. So, I tried again. Still no luck. Frustrated, I climbed into bed and curled up with some extra blankets. When the weather warmed up a bit, my father and I took a look at the furnace to get to the bottom of this. Eventually, we figured out that our furnace needed to be replaced. After doing some research, we found an affordable model perfect for our camper. We tried our best to do the heater installation on our own, but it proved to be much too complicated for us considering the gas lines and thermostat connection. I decided it would be best to visit a mechanic who specializes in automobile HVAC repair. After doing some research, I found someone willing to take on our case. The furnace installation took a bit of time but it all worked out fine in the end. As a courtesy, our mechanic also took a look at our dashboard HVAC system to make sure everything was alright up there but he soon discovered that the heater door actuators were broken. Needless to say, we paid that mechanic a few more visits.


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