“Smart” technology

The advent of “smart” technology revolutionized the way the world viewed technology as a whole and allowed for the creation of new connections between realms we never thought or even knew could be bridged.

From our vehicles to our appliances, most every modern technology comes with some sort of “intelligent” accessory.

Harnessing the potential of this new era, many manufacturers took note and adjusted accordingly, creating technology that further narrows the gap between man and machine. A smart thermostat would be the most economical choice, in my opinion, as its precision instruments can better survey its environment and run appropriately. Reducing the amount of times my unit has to turn on and off will save energy and lessen the wear and tear on my air conditioner. A smart thermostat also offers the user the luxury of fine-tuned control. Climates can now be maintained with more precision than ever for the most comfortable experience possible. There are many inexpensive models on the market today that are easy to install. However, always be sure to consult with a certified HVAC technician before taking on any heating/cooling projects alone. A rather cool perk of smart technology is the ability to use it from anywhere. My family and I would take vacations when we were younger and we’d often come home to a stuffy house because my father would turn off the air conditioner for the duration of the trip. Heading home? Turn on the air with just the press of a button! It’s that simple and convenient.

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