One of the biggest and most often overlooked benefits of floor heating is uniform heating. Heating through more traditional forced-air heating systems often results in cold spots as heated air struggles to extend far beyond its starting point in any given space. With floor heating, heat is evenly dispersed throughout the room. This is economical as a lower temperature overall can feel much more comfortable compared to the higher temperature settings needed to quell cold spots and drafts through traditional vented means. Money saving and technical jargon aside, floor heating provides a comfort not traditionally associated with air conditioning—noise. Traditional heating systems are well known for being uncomfortably loud, to the point where the white noise associated with their use can affect overall one’s comfort in the home. Speaking from experience, I became so accustomed to the constant noise level generated by my home air conditioning system, I found myself jumping awake whenever it shut off at night. This is something completely eliminated through floor heating systems as they are practically silent. The loud, jarring sounds of a bulky unit kicking on followed by air rushing through vents is completely eliminated. Even if you are particularly sensitive to sounds, any noise generated by a floor heating system will typically only last 30 to 60 minutes, since this is how long most systems take to heat up, as opposed to traditional heating systems which need to turn on and off periodically throughout the day to maintain a consistent temperature.

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