Having an air purifier during Monsoon Season

It’s about to be that time of year again, where the monsoons and dust storms will be taking the Southwest by storm! Every single year this happens, I begin to feel incredibly sick most of the time.

This is because I have awful dust irritations.

With all the dust and dirt in the air, along with the horrible air quality that’s in the Southwest as it is, I’m sure you can picture what it must be like for me. However, this year, I am definitely prepared for the monsoon and dust storms. My local Heating in addition to A/C device dealer had suggested something called a whole house air purification system for me. The cost was rather extravagant, however I could pay in installments… So, this got me thinking. The whole house air purification system is an air purifier that pumps straight through your central heating in addition to air conditioning device. So, while you have the air conditioning device working, you are also getting purified air throughout your household! This whole thing sounded too superb to be true in my opinion, but, since they provided a currency back policy if I wasn’t perfectly satisfied in the first 2 weeks, I went for it. I really have to say, they were right! This whole house air purification system is making a pretty sizable difference with my dust irritations and just my breathing in general! My head has never been so clear while we were in a monsoon season the whole 19 years I’ve been stuck in the Southwest! I do suggest a single one of these whole house air purifiers to anybody who lives out here!



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