Window A/C mishap

My husband and I were watching some murder mystery show last night when all of a sudden we hear a loud crash right outside of our house.

I think we both thought it was a serial killer coming to get us but it turned out to just be the air conditioner.

Our window unit fell out of our second story window and landed in the driveway. Thankfully our cars were in the garage and the only damage done was to the air conditioner. It broke into a bunch of different pieces. We both laughed when we realized it was just the window unit and not a killer outside trying to get in. However, we were less happy when we realized this would mean that we would have no air conditioning all night long. A few fans made the night bearable. This morning we went to the home improvement store and got a new window air conditioner but this time we got the little stand that goes with it. We do not want a repeat of last night. The salesperson tried to get us to buy a real central air conditioner or this thing called a ductless mini split but we declined. We really don’t need heavy air conditioning in this area. We only use the window unit a few weeks a year just so we can sleep better at night. The rest of the house is just fine with no A/C and we already have central heating because that is what really counts out here with our long winters.


New air conditioning

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