Filter in the wrong places caused worry

When my air conditioner stopped working correctly I was worried it would cost a lot to repair. We bought this house just over a year ago and a lot has gone wrong since then. First it was the plumbing and then some support beams in the floor needed to be replaced. Now I was concerned about a major HVAC repair and how much that would set us back. Still, it could not be avoided so I called an air conditioner repairman to come and take a look. The first thing that he noticed was that there was a lot of suction where are air filter goes. He said that usually indicated a clog near the air intake vent. I had noticed the suction since we moved in. Every time I changed the air filter it seemed like I had to fight to get the old one out and to put the new one in. I didn’t know this was unusual. The cover to the intake vent was soon removed and he discovered the problem: there was an old air filter in the intake vent. It did not belong there so I never thought to look. The misplaced air filter was filthy dirty and had probably been there for years. I was disgusted that my family had been breathing that dirty air for the past year. Well the air conditioner repairman closed the vent back up and we all could immediately feel the difference. Our air conditioner was blowing so much better. I’m glad it turned out to be an easy, inexpensive fix.

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